5 Major Reasons You Should Buy a Newly Built Home

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Buying a home is choosing where you desire to plant your roots. Just like the oak tree you loved to climb as a kid you want to plant your roots somewhere stable where you can grow.  Below are 5 major reasons why you should plant your roots in a newly built home.


You probably didn’t realize when you buy a newly built home you have the ability to customize certain elements of the home. More often than not, you can customize the light fixtures, countertops, cabinets and paint color. These customizations, completed by the time of move in, save you time, energy and money.

Low Maintenance

Regardless of the condition, any used home will need a good amount of work. As a result, you spend countless Saturdays cutting down trees, remodeling the kitchen and painting. All of these projects can be avoided by buying a new home. If you don’t want to worry about the furnace breaking or the hot water heater leaking then its simple, buy a newly built home.


Along with being low maintenance, a new home can help you save money. Appliances in new homes are more energy efficient and newer homes are better insulated lowering the need to click on the heater in the winter and the AC in the summer. This all results in one thing, you saving money.


Feeling safe is what transforms a house into a home. In a newly built home asbestos and lead paint aren’t an issue. If you have a young family, peace of mind will come from being in a newly developed neighborhood away from busy streets where your kids can run and play to their hearts content.

New Home Feel

The above listed reasons all contribute to an overall new home feel. This feeling brings excitement, pride and appreciation into your living space. Buying a home is an investment you want to be confident and excited about.

Take time to consider the benefits of a newly built home before making your decision. You can follow us on Facebook for more information about Perry Homes Southern Utah.

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