Safe Holiday Travel Tips for All Homeowners From Us

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Safe holiday travel does not only apply to you, but also to your home. Unlike the McCallisters, you can keep your home safe by planning ahead of time and making sure that you take some extra precautions. We got five tips to get you started.

Safe Holiday Travel Means No Social Media

In this day and age of selfies and snaps, what you share online can be used against you. Avoid posting your travel plans on social media. This include dates, places, and times you will be away. This information can leave your home vulnerable to people looking to take advantage of your absence.

Like A Good Neighbor

Well, we’re not mentioning that neighbor because they aren’t paying for this post, but find a good neighbor.

Having a neighbor that you can trust to help you keep up the pretenses of being home can be beneficial. Have them collect your mail, shovel your driveway, and give them your emergency information. Make sure to give them some marzipan as a thank you for being so neighborly!

Don’t Be Gaudy

Gifts are the best. They also bring some prying eyes. How do you think the Grinch knew which house to steal Christmas from? Keep in mind that if your tree is by a window, it attracts burglars who can see those pretty wrapped gifts.  Electronic gifts are the biggest ticket items that get stolen. Keep them far from windows and other easy to reach places.

Don’t Try to Outdo Disneyland

The Main Street Electrical Parade is pretty much the best thing ever. However, if you try and do that to your house, it might cause some problems. As always, electrical products like Christmas lights can catch on fire. Make sure that you check your lights before putting them on. Having a timer usually helps in making sure that your festive lights don’t ruin your night.

Inspect Before You Leave

Probably one of the most important things is making sure to have your home checked out before you go vacation. Think furnace, chimneys, and water pipes. This will give you the peace of mind you need while you are out of town.

The holidays are busy, crazy times, but it can be great and worry-free. The key is being prepared and making those precautions as you plan out your holiday season. It’s time to make friends with the people in your Perry Homes Southern Utah community and start having fun!

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