Why Utah Home Builders Would Not Recommend Selling Your Old Home During The Holidays

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Sell your home, they said. If you seek to have your dream home built out in Southern Utah, selling is a great idea. Many homeowners looking to build a custom home opt to sell their current house in order to get enough money to buy.

Selling during the holidays, however, has its own set of problems that it comes with.

Sell Your Home at the End of the Year

The last couple of months before the year ends is an unpopular time to list real estate. Buyers tend to think that because of the high stress that the holiday season brings sellers can be low-balled into closing a price.

Waiting until the season is over will prove to be less stressful and give you more quality buyers vying for your property.

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Time, Money, and Emotions are High

Between shopping for the family and all the parties that you get invited to, time is lacking a bit to be selling a home. The longer that your home stays on the market, the higher the chances are of your home not getting the price it deserves.

Buyers are also looking to not spend much money. Funds are tied up with Thanksgiving and other holiday festivities. Nostalgia also run high during this time of the year. Your efforts to sell your home hits a rut when battling these triple threats.

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Let’s Face It, YOU are Tired.

Forget about how other people feel for a moment. How would you feel? Adding stress to an already stressful time of the year is just no good.  Better to focus on spending time with your family and friends than to worry about setting your home straight for an open house. What you could do is set aside time with your realtor, or visit the community you want to build you home in and draw up a plan to make that dream a reality.

Perry Homes Southern Utah Community is always open for you to visit and plan out what you would like to see in your home. Our helpful agents can answer your questions about the type of house you can build you can truly call your home.

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