Selling Things Online: The Online Garage Sales Guide

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Who doesn’t love a good sale? Going to a garage sale on Saturdays and finding some great deals on new treasures is definitely a sign that Spring has sprung. There are Pinterest boards filled with DIY projects and how to repurpose things you find at garage sales and flee markets.

What’s new nowadays are these online shops where you can buy and sell and trade and barter goods. It’s not just Craigslist, or eBay, or Amazon. Online garage sales have a blooming community of advocates. Just like in brick and mortar stores, however, not all inventory move. Here’s a quick guide on how to get your stuff noticed.

A Picture Paints 1000 Words

So the product you are selling doesn’t need to look like it came from a Williams-Sonoma catalog, but remember that visually appealing images get more attention online. If you are selling a shelf, for example, do not take a picture of it covered in dust. Give it a quick clean and take a picture of it with plenty of light that accentuate the product not as trash, but as a priceless commodity that can be of used to the new owners.

online garage sales sell

Online Garage Sales Need Good Wording

Take the time to write a quick and simple note about what you are selling. Along with the picture, describe in good detail the product and its function. Anticipate questions that buyer’s would ask about what you are selling. This cuts the chatter and gets to the sale quicker.

This includes being straight forward about any known issues about your product. People are willing to buy broken things. What they don’t want is to be surprised by them.

Set Clear Expectations

How soon are you looking to part with them item? Is it so soon that it needs to be picked up now? Are you willing to hold the product? Many of these groups have a code of conduct that you need to abide by when participating. Follow it as they have probably figured out the kinks and can help you get selling faster.

Do you hold garage sales in your community? How do you feel about these online shops? Drop us a line on the Perry Homes Southern Utah community page and tell us about some of the great finds you have gotten from your community!

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