Southern Utah Rocks: Why You Should Move Here

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When you think Utah, what comes to mind? Mountains, Mormons, Mud? We’re here to change your minds and share with you five reasons why Southern Utah rocks!

Utah’s Shakespeare Festival

Before Salt Lake Comic Con became a thing, this festival is every cosplayers dream. Held every summer in Cedar City, the Festival boasts some of the greatest enthusiasts of the Bard with the Beard.

In 2000, it won a Tony Award, the Oscars for theatre peeps,  as an outstanding regional theatre. It’s something to be proud about.

Adventures in Moab

Moab is a must for every Utah resident and visitor. With to national parks under it domain, this desert paradise is great for family activities, like mountain biking. If this place doesn’t turn you into an outdoor enthusiast, I don’t know what will.

Lakeside Fun in Powell

Since you can’t swim in the Great Salt Lake, Powell becomes the spot for boating and family fun. There are no border disputes between Arizona and Utah, so enjoy this gorgeous body of water, from boating and water skiing to simply swimming or walking along its beautiful shores.

Serious Southern Utah Rocks

Southern Utah Rocks Arches

We’re proud of our rock formations. Here’s a list of them:

  • Canyonlands – a geological marvel. One of its better known features, the Oxbow at Green River, is the result over over 300 million years of erosion.
  • Arches – has some amazing views worthy of your Instagram posts. Just take the Courthouse Towers for example.
  • Capital Reef – has fifteen day hiking trails for you to choose from.
  • Bryce Canyon – has some great hikes for you during the full moon to see some majestic rock formations, like Thor’s Hammer.

Let ZION In Her Beauty Rise

Like big rocks? Zion National Park will take your breath away! With beautiful waterfalls, colorful canyons, an array of wildlife and plenty of hiking trails, all this majesty right in your backyard, you’ll want to come back over and over.

Not convinced? Get together with our Facebook community and talk to the locals about why they love southern Utah.

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