Spring Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your New House Shiny

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Winter is on its way out and Spring is making its rounds. That’s why it’s important to know some spring cleaning hacks to save you time, money, the aching backs that come with hard labor. This way you can enjoy the sun and myriad of outdoor activities that this season can bring!

As we go through our list, feel free to add some of your tried and true cleaning hacks for others to use.

Spring Cleaning Hacks for Every (Well, Most) Room

The Kitchen – take the soda you stopped drinking (because of #fitnessgoals) and put it to some good use. Combine soda and salt to clean your refrigerator of all the junk that has accumulated there. Doesn’t make sense? The carbonation from the soda combined with the salt makes a perfect cleaner. Here’s a bit of a background on how that works and its other purposes.

Bathroom and Laundry – These places tend to have the most lime buildup. To get rid of that crusty lime, grab some paper towels (or rags, don’t be wasteful) and wet it with vinegar. Set the wet towels around the area with the buildup for an hour. This helps soften the buildup making it easier to clean.

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Bedroom – Air out your comforters so they stop smelling. Being cooped up in your room, it starts smelling. It doesn’t necessarily need to be cleaned, but airing it out will loosen your beddings as well as expel dead skin cells that have nested there.

Do the same for drapes by putting them in the dryer and fluffing them along with a wet towel.

Living Room/General – For windows and screens, use some things that are already around the house. Scrap carpet make for great brushes for your screens and the same squeegee you use in the shower can be repurposed to clean your windows.

Grab a pillow and use it to dust off ceiling fans. You can usually do it in one quick glide and doesn’t get all the dust everywhere. Contain the dust!

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It is good to do a good cleaning of your home during the spring. As you prepare for the winter, so should you make sure that your house is ready for the wear and tear that spring and summer will bring. Then tell us all about your little projects on the Perry Homes Southern Utah community page!

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