Staging Your Home to Sell Fast: Tips From Realtors

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Perhaps you want to avoid as much of the hassle of meeting and greeting prospective buyers as possible. Or, perhaps, you need to relocate quickly and want to get the home-selling process over and done with. Whatever the reason, you’re selling your home and you want to sell fast. Fortunately, many realtors have experience in getting a home ready and sold as fast as possible, using the following strategies.

Get Your Bathroom in Top Shape

Bathrooms, much like kitchens, are one of the few things that can completely change a prospective buyer’s opinion. A poorly-maintained, outdated bathroom will make an otherwise acceptable home appear neglected and problematic. Realtors recommend spending a significant portion of your staging fixing up your bathrooms—this includes deep cleaning, repainting, and repairs, if necessary.

If you have a soap scum or water stain problem in and around your shower, chances are you’ve given up on ever winning the fight against hard water. Prospective buyers will likely think the same when touring your bathroom, so it’s important to present the cleanest shower area possible. To clear away soap scum and hard water stains, dilute one part muriatic acid with ten parts water and apply this to the problem areas. Use a steel wool sponge, scrubbing in a circular motion, to clear away any residue.

Faded and discolored bathroom walls make a whole bathroom look dirty and dated. Scrub these with a mold-killing agent, like diluted bleach or white vinegar, to disinfect and clear away many potential sources of discoloration. After cleaning, realtors advise that you apply a fresh coat of paint to refresh the look of the whole room.

Polish Up The Curb Appeal

A surefire way to draw passerby and potential buyers in is by having a polished, beautiful exterior. The cost of hiring house painters to touch up your home’s paint job is well worth it when you’re selling a house, as the impression created by your façade is often the most important to potential buyers.

Most front yards feature a flat, green lawn and little else. To make your home stand out, break up your lawn with mounds of flowering plants or a cluster of shrubbery—if you have the time, plant a few local trees in spots that can use some shade or wind protection. Buyers who cherish their outdoor spaces will flock to your home if they see a well-maintained, promising landscape.

If you have a driveway, consider renting a power sprayer to clear out dirt-trapping cracks and remove oil stains. Do the same with any other worn surface, especially walkways and decks, on your property. Take a walk around the outside of your home, inspecting it as if you were a buyer. Do you see cracks, stains, holes and other signs of structural damage or wear? These must be cleaned or repaired if you hope to sell fast—buyers will consider a house with obvious damage, but few are likely to make a quick decision on a home they have doubts about.

Interior Staging

When presenting your home to prospective buyers, realtors say it’s ideal to keep its appearance—from the furniture placement to the color of the walls—as neutral as possible. Andrea Vargas, a realtor who manages homes for sale in Utah, recommends removing any personal and ostentatious items from your home before opening it for viewing, as these can distract potential buyers and keep them from envisioning the home as their own.

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