Stay Organized During the Move

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Moving out of your home is an exciting journey. Before the big move, it is critical to think logically through everything you want to take with you and what you should leave behind. Thinking through this big of a project can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some moving tips that will keep you organized and on the right track to moving out.

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Create A Checklist

Creating a checklist for each week will keep you motivated to check off all the tasks you completed each week. Checklists help keep track of what has been accomplished and what still needs to be done.

Make A Moving Plan

Create a layout by drawing every room in the house to visually know where you are going to be dropping certain boxes and items. This speeds up the process by putting your items in the correct area of the house and helps declutter the space.

Label Your Boxes

Labeling every box will help determine what items are inside. It is important to know if there are fragile items or heavy belongings that are being lifted. Double check the boxes to make sure they are secured with enough tape so the box stays shut. Labeling better identifies what you are lifting and where it needs to go.

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Staying organized is a must during a big transition like this. These tips are here to make the move a bit easier and enjoyable. To discover other remedies, read up on more options during the move. To get information on our homes and what we offer, check out our floor plans.

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