Succulents, the Best Indoor Plants

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Having plants can certainly liven up any room. They provide a quiet reminder that your home is a refuge from the busy world. They calm and soothe, that is, until you forget to water them. If your looking to put some green in your home, consider succulents. They make the best indoor plants.

Succulents, like aloe vera, are the best indoor plants because they are cute, appealing and best of all, watering them is not a chore. Here’s some ideas on how to customize these plants to fit your budget and style.

Indoor Garden in a Bowl

indoor plant bowl

Get creative with sizes and colors by creating mini gardens using bowls to liven your living room. What makes succulent the best indoor plants is also its versatility and variety. This author wanted to bring in the spring by bringing some vibrant green colors, but you can bring the green in any time of the year!

Create them in any size bowls and turn them into center pieces for any room.

A Wreath to Last All Year Long

These ones are really pretty. You can never go wrong with a wreath especially if it lasts a whole year. Armed with the best snapshots any tutorial has to offer, this DIY project is certainly worth it.

indoor plants wreath

The best indoor plants last all year round. photo: Pretty Prudent

Here’s the link to making these amazing wreaths: Living Succulent Wreaths.

A Name so Tasty: Succulent Balls

indoor plant ball

Make this indoor plant for your home! photo: Good Day Utah

This video tutorial is pretty good and come from the experts: Moms that live in the desert. You basically use principles from the first two tutorials to create what I think is the best indoor plant presentation. Two bowls of moss and soil create the ball. Wrap it to strengthen. Open some holes and stick the succulents in, and VOILA.

The fact that these succulents are versatile and low maintenance really mark them high on my book. We’ve got some more ideas on Pinterest and our Facebook page is rife with houses that are just waiting for your own succulent creation. Let us know how your projects went! Our Community would love to hear them!

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