Summer DIY Projects to Cool your Southern Utah Home

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You may have noticed that southern Utah gets hot in the summer. While it may be the perfect weather for the lake, nothing beats the smoldering more than your own AC. We’ve got three summer DIY projects to keep you cool and not break your bank.

Summer DIY Projects 1: Bucket Air Conditioner

Bob Villa raved about this lifehack, so that gives this some credibility.  It seems easy enough that you can get away with making an AC unit out of a bucket, styrofoam, PVC pipes, and some frozen water. The video tutorial is less than a minute long and gets you that much closer to some cold air.

There’s a fancy version of this AC unit that Buzzfeed put together as well.

Summer DIY Projects 2: Portable 12V AC Unit

Popular Mechanics boasted about this more laborious DIY projects just before summer hit (probably in anticipation for the warm weather). The designer of this project had some AC problems in his car. The engineer conjured up this “$10 soultion to a $500 solution to a $25,000 problem.” If you’ve got the know-how to make this work, it’ll be perfect to cool you even in those long, hot camping trips.

southern utah summer projects

Great summer DIY projects for the crafty electrician in your home | PC:

Summer DIY Projects 3: Solar-Powered AC

diy ac in southern utah home

The smallest and heftiest of these summer DIY projects | PC:

This makes the cut because of one of its key materials- popsicle sticks. Constructing the unit means you HAVE to gobble up some popsicle sticks. It’s begging you to eat some good candied water! Some of the people that have tried this project added modern touches like USB-power and scaled a bigger model of the unit. The power of popsicle sticks!

So whether you want something big or small, there are many summer DIY projects just waiting for your magic hands to make them happen. You can go simple by using buckets, or crazy scientist and build a solar powered gem. Regardless of your choice, what really matters is that you spent some quality time with the family not matter how hot, or cold it may be.

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