The Perfect Summer Fruit Food – Watermelon

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Summer is the time for fairs, fried food, and the best summer fruit food- watermelon. They are great for picnics with the right amount of sugar to get you hyped up and juicy enough to quench your thirst. Whatever fruit you desire to eat this summer is totally up to you, but watermelons are packed with Vitamins A and C, helps soothe sore muscles and can help combat cancer. So sit back and cool down with a watermelon as we list 3 yummy ways to enjoy watermelons this summer.

What other ways have you recreated your favorite summer fruit?

What other ways have you recreated your favorite summer fruit?

Fruit Pizza

Everybody loves pizza. The cheese. The pepperoni. All good, but also hot and can burn your tongue. If you still insist on eating some fresh off the oven pizza, consider a dessert using our perfect summer fruit as the crust. Topped with yogurt, mint, berries, and other fruits, you can enjoy a cool summer and healthy treat. The best part is that because it is pizza, you can put your own favorite fruits as a topping with this masterpiece. It’s simple to make and oh, so yummy!

Try this recipe for a watermelon crust fruit pizza.

Grilled Watermelons

Did you know that you can grill watermelons? Yum! It all starts with some olive oil on your fruit and dropping it on the grill until it gets those marked. Sprinkle them with some salt and ground pepper and eat it as a side to your favorite grilled meat. Not feeling the meat? You can cut up the grilled watermelon turn it into a salad base.

They are so soft and yummy that this salad recipe is a must to try!

Polynesian Watermelon Drink: Otai.

By this part of the blog, you must be super thirsty and water is just too boring when you are having a summer party. For an alternative, try otai. Otai is a fruit drink from Tonga. You put together water, coconut milk, and watermelon for this refreshing treat. Otai usually accompany large meals which makes it the perfect drink for your luau.

Check this tutorial on how to make this yummy treat from our perfect summer fruit food!

Party Time with Summer Fruit Food

Now that you know different ways to have your favorite summer fruit food, tell us how it went and share your recipes with us on our Facebook page. Plan a summer party with your neighborhood and enjoy the summer!


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