It’s the Time of the Year to Get Summer Salesmen Tips

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As the years pass, you probably have your own set of summer salesmen tips that you like to pass around your neighborhood. While these summer sales companies mean to save you money on electricity, keep your house safe, and get rid of pests, they can be a bit of a nuisance.

Here’s some to try the next time someone rings your doorbell to sell you on the newest home tech without sounding mean.

Summer Salesmen Tips to Keep You Safe

Ask for an ID – The salesman and his company needs to have gone through the proper channels and get permits for them to solicit in your neighborhood. When you ask for their ID, it keeps your safe from fraudulent companies or people scouting your home.

This will also allow for you to know the company that is being represented by the salesman. If you are in the market for what they are selling, you can do research before you make a purchase.

Summer Salesmen Tips Featured

How to Save Money

Ask questions – Your salesman should be asking you questions about your current services, the amount you spend on that service, and the method of payment method you use. This is how they can best tell you how much you could save. Without this information, they could just be throwing  you numbers to dazzle you.

Have questions ready for them as well. They are required to tell you charge rates, cancellation policies, and detail to you what you can expect as the service rolls in.

Be Courteous

Many of these summer salesmen are college students, and more importantly, someone’s child. There is no need to be rude or belligerent when they ring your bell, but offer them kindness, just as you would want your child to be treated if they are doing the same job. After work, these salesmen talk and you wouldn’t want your neighborhood to be the mean one, right?

Keep the positive and inviting environment that Perry Homes Southern Utah has during this summer season. Learn more about your neighborhoods policies on solicitations or give feedback by clicking on our Facebook Community Page. With that said, have a great summer!

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