Summertime in Southern Utah!

By July 15, 2019 No Comments

If you’ve ever read the many features we have on this blog about Southern Utah, you know there is no shortage of incredible things to do. Nevertheless, even with the vast array of unique and life-changing adventures available in Southern Utah, sometimes you just can’t decide what to prioritize. For your summer in Southern Utah, today we offer some brainstorming tips, and ideas to make this the best one yet.

southern utah parks

1. Something New

Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut. We do things we enjoy, but it’s always the same old thing. No matter how enjoyable routine can be, it’s important to break it up every now and again with something you’ve never done before. Consider one of the national and state parks all over Southern Utah. You probably haven’t been to every single one. Pick one, pack up the family, and go for it!

2. Something Old

Change things up this summer by thinking about something fun you have not done in a while. Think about the things you enjoyed when you were younger. Recall a fond memory you have from a past summer in Southern Utah. Recreating an old experience can create new experiences that are just as wonderful. Maybe it’s a historical sites tour, a campout at a favorite location under the stars, or even a visit to an old favorite restaurant.

summer things to do in southern utah

3. Something Memorable

When planning the summer, especially when you have children, the top priority is making lifelong, cherished memories. Have a family meeting, make a list, and figure out something everyone wants to do that has potential to be a summertime game-changer. There are dozens of lists of things which you might not have considered, but might just love to do. The most important thing? Spend some quality time together in Southern Utah’s incredible beauty and historic majesty.

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