Take A Trip To Southern Utah This Fall

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Fall is the perfect time to visit southern Utah because it offers some of the most breathtaking fall colors on earth. There’s something about the gorgeous red and orange hues of the tree’s leaves in combination with the staggering red rock formations that make this a unique fall destination to be added to your bucket list. Below are a few ideas when it comes to planning your trek down south this fall.

seeing the fall colors in southern Utah

Best Time To Visit Southern Utah

The ideal time to enjoy the best fall colors in Utah is end of October to early November. The cottonwood trees of the area tend to change color during this time, and offer vibrant and breathtaking photo opportunities to visitors. Not only does this destination offer breathtaking cottonwood trees, but aspen trees alike which tend to change color a bit earlier in the season. Now is the perfect time to visit if you want to catch the unique colors this season has to offer.

Fall Weather

With cooler weather comes fall colors. When overnight temperatures fall below freezing (32 degrees and below), the tree’s leaves will begin to change their color. Watching the forecast and planning your trip around these temperatures will ensure you get to catch the fall colors in southern Utah at their prime. With that being said, be sure to pack warm clothes as this time of tends to get chilly.

How To Get There

Southern Utah is very accessible to those living on the west coast. For southern Californians, it is only about a six hour drive to access some of the world’s most breathtaking fall colors. If you don’t live within a feasible driving range of this destination, you can always fly into Salt Lake City International Airport and rent a car to make your trek down south. It’s only about a four hour drive away.

when to visit southern Utah to catch the fall colors

Fall colors in Southern Utah are a spectacle not to be missed. Planning your trip during prime time will ensure you get the best views that the fall foliage has to offer during this time. To read more about fall colors at this unique destination, click here.  To inquire about purchasing a home in one of our master-planned communities so you can enjoy these fall colors each year in your own backyard, click here.

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