How Technology Changes Real Estate for Buyers in 2017

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Did you get yourself a smart device recently? Does the prospect of automating your home sound fun? In 2016, technology changes real estate and has driven even buying a home to a more mobile experience.

Here’s some real estate tech trends that have started making its way to 2017.

Technology Changes Real Estate Tours

Sotheby’s, an international real estate company, has eliminated traveling to tour model homes through 3D home tours. In October, the company began hosting these 3D tours and placing them on their listing pages.

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The web, already a place that many homebuyers go to with sites like Zillow and, has become a great resource to homebuyers and owners. Having the tours on the web, in the comfort of your own home, can really make home buying easy. With personalized web URLs, each home can be seen in just a jif.

Video Killed the Radio Star

Video marketing was a big deal in 2016 and will continue its reign in 2017. People respond to videos because they catch your attention with their quick and witty presentations. Creating a short, consumer focused video of the home you are selling will help buyers get to know you a little bit better. As homebuyers, you can follow a homebuilder or realtors YouTube channel as part of your research.

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All Things Social

Homebuyers will need to accept technology. While the tours and videos can be enjoyed from the comfort of your bed, you will need to interact with others. As new technologies like Instagram Stories, Snapchat Spectacles, and the likes gain popularity, so will the need to be in these platform to connect with others. That famous DIY contractor just might be ‘live’ right now on his social media platform and if you have questions, you’ll need to jump in.

The great thing about these is that you can still enjoy it from the comfort of your home, you might just have to voice your opinion, though.

Even us here at Perry Homes Southern Utah have a Facebook page and a Pinterest board so that we can connect with our patrons. We dish out ideas and announcements, things that would be helpful to you. While you may still need to attend an open house or two to find out what you want, it is great to know that technology has made a couple of things easier.


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