The Right Time to Buy Your First Home is When You Get Here

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You got the job. You have some money saved up. You’re thinking, now is the time to buy your first home. Between knowing if you’ll build a home or buy one, there are still some questions out there to ask. Are you really ready to buy a home? Time to find out.

Age to Buy Your First Home

Most milestones are set for us. You learn to drive around 15. You become a legal adult at 18. That’s when you should buy a house!

Not quite. There is no set age for when you can buy a home, but you do have to be a legal adult, or have your parents on there with you. Oftentimes, we are told we have to starting investing and buy a home in our 20s or 30s. But It doesn’t matter. Don’t feel like you are left behind if you can’t afford it at the moment.

The Right Time

My parents bought their house in their 60s. Most of their kids were still living with my grandparents in the Philippines. It didn’t make sense to have an empty home that you have to maintain.

The right time came for them just before most of us moved to California. They had saved up money. The payments were low. There were also people that will actually spend time in the house that will make it a home. At that point, it was not only practical, but they knew it was the right time.

Your Turn


So, if you have gotten that inkling that the time is right, it probably is, and it is time to consult. Check out custom built homes that you can design, or choose a house with character.

Either choice, make sure that you do your research. Perry Homes Southern Utah has a rich community that is perfect for first-time homeowners. Give us a ring!

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