Tips For Landscaping In Southern Utah

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Southern Utah has a dry and arid climate, and when it comes to landscaping, the weather is the main thing that should be considered. Below are just a few tips to consider when landscaping in Southern Utah, as it is much dryer and warmer year round compared to Northern Utah.

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Landscaping In Southern Utah Means Water

If you plan to plant grass in your front lawn, just know that you are going to have to consistently and evenly water your lawn. Investing in an automatic sprinkler system will help you tackle this task, but watering by hand isn’t out of the question. Make sure you’re watering plentifully and evenly to ensure your grass gives off that desired green hue that everyone wants to achieve. Consider grasses like Celebration Bermudagrass or Palmetto as they are lower maintenance  when planted in the desert heat.

Trees For Shade

Not only will planting trees add to the appeal of your yard, but it will also provide as shade during the hot summer months. Trees like Desert Willows have large spanning, bountiful branches that will allow you to enjoy being in your yard without having to face the direct sunlight. The best part about trees like the Desert Willow is they require little water, making it a great choice when landscaping in southern Utah.

Desert Landscaping

Wan’t to ditch that costly, monthly water bill that you’ve been paying for to keep your lawn green? Consider desert landscaping where rocks are placed as a substitute for regular grass. Some are weary about desert landscaping, but you can select from colorful rocks and accent them with shrubs and cacti to give your yard added appeal. Desert landscaping is becoming very popular, especially when talking landscaping in Southern Utah.

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Landscaping in Southern Utah is unique because it allows for alternatives that other climates do not welcome. Whether you decide on planting a full-grass lawn, or rocks and shrubs that need little upkeep, you can achieve the look you desire due to the desert climate. If you want to read more about landscaping tips, click here and click here to learn more about our home communities located in Southern Utah.

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