Top 3 Summer Home Improvement Projects

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Summer is in full swing and that means you want your home looking its best for all of those backyard BBQs. With the influx of guests visiting your home due to you entertaining, you want to impress those that visit you as you debut your home for the hottest season of the year. Below are the top 3 Summer home improvement projects that you should consider to ensure your home is looking perfect for party season!

summer time home improvement projects

Power Wash

Consider power washing your home in order to make its exterior look sleek and new. Power washing the outside of your home as well as your walkways and driveway will allow you to clear away any excess dirt or debris that may have come with a harsh winter or rainy spring season. You can purchase a high power sprayer and do this yourself, or find someone locally and have it done professionally. Regardless, the results will be a clean looking home for when your guests arrive, since the exterior is the first thing they will see!

Stain Your Deck

If you live some place with dramatic changing of the seasons, you may want to consider re-staining your deck and fence as climate change can fade your wood’s stain that was applied the season prior. Ice and snow will dramatically fade the color of your wood, so consider staining everything when the season starts to heat up for Summer.

Outdoor Kitchens- The Hottest Home Improvement Trend

If you want to take entertaining to a whole new level, consider building an outdoor kitchen that will become the centerpiece of your family get togethers. Build your BBQ into an island built with rock and granite, where you will have counter space for your backyard cooking spread, as well as the option to build in a mini fridge and storage space. Regardless, an outdoor kitchen is never a bad idea, especially if you have a big yard that you plan on hosting your family and friends in.

summer home improvement diy projects

Summer is the season of entertaining, and you want to make sure your digs are looking their best with the above home improvement tips. Want to read more tips on how to spruce up your living space? Click here. Want to learn more about our master planned communities built in Southern Utah? Click here.