Turn Your Family Into a Good Pokemon Go Team

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Like the old adage, the family that plays together, stays together, Pokemon Go teams are banding to catch them all. As hordes of Pokemon trainers gather around parks, malls, and gas stations, a sense of camaraderie has also appeared with these trainers. For families, a good Pokemon Go team can surface as they come together with other families in their neighborhoods. Here’s how your family can become a good Pokemon Go team.

Join the same Pokemon Go Team

In the game, you are asked to choose which team you want to align with. Once you hit Level 5, you can visit a gym and pledge your allegiance to Team Red (Valor), Team Blue (Mystic), or Team Yellow (Instinct). You don’t need to know much about the game, but you can choose the team based off of a quality that your family wants to practice, like Valor. Or your favorite color, like Blue. Or favorite animal like Yellow’s lightning bird, Zapdos.

Being in the same team can unify you and your family towards a common goal: a good time.

Drive to Pokestops and Gyms

Pokestops are areas where you can obtain pokeballs, lures, potions, and other materials that you need for the hunt. Go out for a picnic at a local park that has a lot of Pokestops available and catch a Pikachu or two. Pokestops refresh every 5 minutes or so. This gives you plenty of time to gather together a good number of materials in your backpack to catch even more Pokemon.


Pokemon Go Teams can be made with your own family members!

A good Pokemon Go team is always ready and stocking up on materials does just that. When you capture and power up a lot of your Pokemon, battle at Gyms.

Learn about the area you live in

Downtown areas are rife with Pokestops. Go on a leisurely stroll and learn about your neighborhood in each stop. There is a reason why those specific stops are chosen. You can get more that pokeballs from there. There is also a brief history the stop and why it is significant.

Stop by once and then quiz the kids about the information when you return to that same stop a second time. Kids love a good trivia and you can be the trivia master.

Some Quality Time

While there are some cons with the game, you can extract the good things that come from it by utilizing it to bring your family together. Always practice safety and travel in a group that you trust.

You can challenge another team who can hatch an egg first, or who can get the Pokemon with the highest combat power. You can’t lose.

Pokemongo Paras

Your Pokemon Go Team will probably find a lot of Paras lying around.

So, if you are looking to spend some more quality time with your family, consider Pokemon Go. Perry Homes has some great neighborhoods that you can catch these little critters in, and who knows, your new best friends may just be around the corner!

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