Two Hour End of Summer Road Trip Destinations

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Summer is coming to an end. It’s not complete without your family partaking on an end of summer road trip. Here are two-hour destinations that you and your family can enjoy the remaining days of the summer.

Viva Las Vegas

Time: 1h 47m

A popular tourist destination, this desert summer city has great shows for adults and some of the best museums for children. It isn’t all about gambling. It actually a good place for families to enjoy.

Check out this list put together by Buzzfeed that is perfect for your summer road trip.

Lake Mead – Hoover Dam

Time 2h 24m

Hoover Dam is a pretty historic site that’s been featured in movies and other media. It’s history is great. It’s a pretty fascinating place and has some great places for families to take picture around.  After driving over and taking pictures of the dam, camp at Lake Mead. At Lake Mead, you enjoy backpacking, horseback riding, and other activities with the family.

Spend the end of summer road trip at hoover dam


End of Summer at the Parks: Zion’s, Arches, Brian Head

All within close driving distance! You can plan your next summer road trip early especially if you have a fourth grader in your midst. The Every Kid in a Park program gives your student great access to parks by completing adventures.

These are just some of things that you can do for your end of summer road trip.  What are some road trip ideas that you have? Anything that you want to share? Go to our Facebook Community and tell us! Have a great summer!

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