Unfinished Basements and What You Can Do With Them

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Unfinished basements are a blank slate just waiting for your ideas to fill it. Some decide to not finish the basements to save on cost, while others really have no idea on what to do with it.

According to Zillow, the value of finishing your basement comes from the comparisons of other house values. While it does add value to your home in the future, you have to think about what value it adds to your life now.

Here are some ideas that you consider that will add value to your home both now and in the future.

Unfinished Basements Can Mean Extra Income


unfinished basements room

Currently, unfinished basements became storage for Christmas decorations and unwanted gifts from the in-laws. Many homeowners will opt to turn that space into another apartment that can be rented out and be a source of extra income.

College towns are great for these kinds of set up. Rent out the apartment after thorough background checks and gain that extra income to supplement what you already have.


Hangout Here!

unfinished basements game room

Make your home the new hangout spot as you create a theater room where you and your family can hang out in. All the modifications that you add to the room can bring value now. It is the hangout spot. You can watch your children and make sure that you know where they are (this means stocking up on snacks as well), and have a quiet night watching the latest release on your huge screen.

It helps in the future as buyers will already have an idea with what to do with the space. The best part is that you can enjoy it now!


You Can’t Go Wrong With Storage

unfinished basements storage

When homeowners look for a new home, the number one reason is that they need more room. Watch any home channel shows and you’ll see that they are moving because they need more room.

As your family grows, you will also accumulate a ton of things. Get a head start by turning your basement into an actual room WITH storage built in. This alone builds a lot of value and turns a lot of heads.


Here are just some ideas. Consult with your family and see what works for you and your budget. You can ask your neighbors part of the Perry Homes Community for more ideas on what they have done with their basement.

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