Update Your Bathroom on a Budget

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We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms, so shouldn’t they be beautiful? If your bathroom is old, outdated, and you really don’t like to look at it when you’re in there, it’s probably time for a change. There are a myriad of renovations that you can do to overhaul your bathroom completely, and those are great if you’ve got the money. However, if you are on a tight budget, here are a few things you can still do to make your bathroom a happier place.

Paint the Walls

We all know that paint can make a difference, and nowhere is that more true than in the bathroom. Since bathrooms are such small rooms, it’s important to choose the right color, one that won’t be overpowering in a small space. Generally speaking, softer neutral tones are a good choice in bathrooms and other small rooms; if you love color, you can use your shower curtain, bathroom rug, and other accessories to brighten up the space.

Update Your Vanity

Instead of replacing your vanity, try painting it. This simple solution can make a big difference and take an old and faded vanity to a sleek and new looking one. Did you know that you can also use special paint on your counter tops? Replacing counters can be extremely expensive, but some paint can quickly transform them. Finish up your new vanity by installing new handles on your drawers and cupboards.

Another quick and easy fix for your vanity is to replace the current mirror above it (if you don’t like it). A new mirror in a nice frame can make your bathroom look nicer and bigger. If your bathroom is really small, consider adding several mirrors in different locations to give the illusion of space.

Fix Your Fixtures

Do you hate your rusty and water-stained faucet? Does your showerhead have incredibly low water pressure? New fixtures might be a little on the pricier side, but they are still much cheaper than a whole bathroom remodel. And, if you hate something that you use everyday, it’s probably worth $100 to fix it.

Not only do new bathroom fixtures look nice, but they could also save you money since many new fixtures are energy and water efficient. There are showerheads out there that will filter hard water into softer water, or even showerheads with bluetooth speakers in them.

Add New Lighting

The lighting in a bathroom is important, since most people get ready for the day in there. Most standard bathroom lighting comes in an ugly row of bare lightbulbs above the mirror—not the most attractive lighting display in the world. Try adding some flare to your bathroom by putting in more attractive lighting fixtures, and then tone down the fluorescent lighting with some bulbs that provide more natural light.

Find New Storage Solutions

If you have a small bathroom, storage is probably an issue. Try out new ideas to find something practical that works for you and looks nice. For instance, try using baskets for storage, or putting up some shelves above the toilet.

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