Why Would I Want to Move My Family to Southern Utah?

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If you are considering taking advantage of the recent positive job growth in Utah’s own Dixieland but aren’t sure if your family would be happy with the location, here are a few reasons raising a family in Southern Utah is a great idea.

Because of the scenery.

Southern Utah has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Unlike dense, crowded cities like Manhattan or Chicago, cities in Southern Utah leave plenty of space between suburban homes or commercial buildings on Main Street. You and your kids will have plenty of room to enjoy the great outdoors, even in the hub of the area’s largest cities.

Living at the bottom of the Beehive state means you are minutes from beautiful red-rock hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and lakes perfect for boating or paddle boarding. If you crave a change in scenery, the Wasatch Mountains are only a few hours away and provide more family fun including skiing and snowboarding.

If you want your children to grow up with an appreciation of the outdoors and have plenty of room to stretch their legs and get out of the house, Southern Utah is the perfect location.

Because of the atmosphere.

Thanks to all the open space, the air in Southern Utah has clean air. Weather-wise, different parts of Southern Utah enjoy varying temperatures. If you like a variety in seasons, you can live in Cedar City and enjoy 100+ degree summers and snowy winters that dip well below freezing on a regular basis. If snow isn’t your thing, you can choose St. George and enjoy the same hot summers but milder winters.

Because of the cost of living.

Utah is also known for having a lower cost of living than other US cities. St. George’s cost of living is 5.4% less than the national average. For example, gas prices hover around $3.50 depending on the season (which is 3.3% lower than the national average). Not only is the cost of living low, but Utah was ranked No. 2 in the country for financial literacy, and ranks No. 9 for the best return on taxes.

Because of the people.

Utah has long been known for having a strong sense of community. People know their neighbors and participate in community events. Utah residents even enjoy an additional bank holiday—July 24th, the day the Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley. Between early settlers, pioneers, and native groups, the small-town feel in Southern Utah cities is only enhanced by its rich cultural history.

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Because of education.

Don’t let the financial educational statistics scare you away. Yes, Utah spends less per student than the national average, but the state of Utah also has more kids than other states. Despite any hesitations you have about education spending, you can take comfort in knowing that Utah scores high in literacy statistics. When it comes to higher education (professional, college, and graduate degrees), Utah hits the list at No. 17 for the most educated states in the US.

Southern Utah is family friendly and beautiful. It has a relatively low cost of living and provides great educational opportunities for every age. If you want to find a great place to raise your family, Southern Utah will not let you down.

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