Questions to Consider When Building a House

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You always refer to the American dream when building a house. The quintessential two-story home with green grass and white picket fences. The apple pie waiting on the window sill. It all seems so idyllic and within reach.

As more American save up for their home, almost as much opt for a custom build home with the right amount of character that describes its owners. When you are sitting down to plan your dream home, consider asking these questions before you build your house.

Money, Money, Money

money building a house

It is great to think about when building a house becomes a reality. You even know which page on the IKEA catalog you want to copy! However, as many HGTV shows teach us, there is always some sort of hidden cost. The price for the home may hit just the right spot, but construction costs, especially for custom homes, tend to go up higher than anticipated.

Take advantage of house estimator sites to get a good feel of the cost of you new home. After estimating your finances, only sign off what you can afford and pad your budget 10% for other expenses.

Consider Your Marriage When Building a House

couples building a house

Because building a home is a financial strain, it can also be a social and marital.  Set boundaries for your arguments and don’t leave things unsettled. If you can get through building a home together, then you and your family shall be good.

Not Just Bob the Builder

contractor building a house

Refer to our last post about choosing  a builder. Your friend might be a good choice, or you might want I keep our friendship. Do your research and shop around. Look for a builder that keeps it reasonable and do not just tell you things that you want to hear.

If possible, tour the homes that has been built by your builder and make your decision.

These are just a few of the questions to consider when building a house. Remember that this is not a decision you should be making lightly and that you should consult with professionals that know what they are doing. For more ideas on your new home, check out our Facebook community page!

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