Get in the Yard Spring Cleaning Mood with these Tips

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Yard spring cleaning is a double edged sword. It reminds us of the long days of summer ahead. It also tells us that we got a lot of work to do.

To get your your into top shape, take advantage of the warmer weather and start prepping and planning your yard to become the envy of the neighborhood. These are no more tips than they are a must to keep a healthy looking yard.

Yard Spring Cleaning Research

#1. Clean Now.

Any chance you get to clean up all the remnants of winter should be taken advantage of, especially when the sun is out and it provides you with longer days. You don’t necessarily need to bring out the big guns, but small cleaning here and there will give you less work.

Set the cleaning as chores for the kids, or yourself, whenever possible. Rake leaves from shrubbery and bushes to tell your lawn that you are ready to get started.

#2. Let the air out.

If snow has covered much of your yard, it is important to let it breathe. Use your handy fork, or set a time for your lawn guy to air out your yard.

#3. Reseeding and Yard Spring Cleaning Plans.

Lillies and tulips are some of the best flowers to watch out for in the spring. Hopefully you planted the bulbs earlier and are just waiting for them to start blooming. This usually means that you can started reseeding your grass areas. Check with the nearest home and garden store for the best products to help bring the vibrant green to your yard.

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#4. The Good Kind of Mulch.

Start researching the kind of mulch you will use for your yard. Will you be planting a flower garden this year, or maybe vegetables to switch it up? Depending on your plans, the kind of mulch you’ll get with set the tone for your spring projects, so look into this earlier rather than the day of your big spring cleaning.

At Perry Homes Southern Utah, you will have plenty of room for whatever project you decide to do. Spring is a great time to get outdoors and stretch out your muscles, and your green thumb. Make sure to share your ideas with your community for your yard!

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