Your First Holiday in Your New Custom Built Home

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Your first holiday in your new home needs to be perfect. You’ve spent most of the year finding the right lot and talking to contractors and builders about what your dream home needs to look like. You’ve spend time picking out samples for the rooms. Now you are all moved and ready to host your first party.

Here are ideas to on how to create a smashing holiday party that goes well with your new home.

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Your First Holiday Needs a Date

You don’t want the party to be a flop! Good thing you can use social media to find out when everyone is about to go. Planning ahead, get the guests availability and choose the date that will have the most people. Sometimes this means having the party after the holidays, but at least you will know that people will attend.

Use the Facebook Events picture, send out a newsletter, or talk to people you want to invite casually to see where they stand. Maybe you only want certain people to come. The date is the most important part of your holiday planning.

A Theme is a Wish a Party Planner Makes

You can’t just throw a party. You didn’t go through all those insurance meetings for nothing, so put them through the test! Find a theme that everyone will enjoy (and easy on the budget). Ask yourself, how much fun do I want to have? Will I be doing a lot of clean up?

Getting the theme ready will help in having the next part set up.

your first holiday party invites

Get Invitations Out

With the theme out of the way, you can start with the invitations. You want to get these out early so that your guests can RSVP and help you plan the food, drinks, and where you will set up the party.

Create your own invitations and hand deliver them to those that you see often!

Adults Only?

Are children going to be allowed at your party? This changes things a little bit as you will need to set aside areas for children. Something that has become popular recently are photobooths. Look into having that and memorializing the fun the party let you all have.

Party Favors

Lastly, think about party favors. They don’t to be crazy big. The photobooth idea will give your guests something to talk about for days. You can create small gift bags that they can take home and share with other people how much fun they had!

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These are just a few ideas. As you get to know what your friends expect and what you want them to talk about, more ideas will come to you to make your party fabulous. Share your event and make it an Open House if you’d like, but telling people on the Perry Homes Community page. A party is a great way to get to know your neighbors!

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